On pancake Tuesday, the Year 2 children started a new maths topic about fractions. We learned about a half and a quarter of a pancake.

The Year 1 children joined in and enjoyed eating the fractions with a blob of syrup!

It made it a lot easier to understand the maths and straight away we could see that 1/2 is equal to 2/4. YUM!



We launched our new topic about materials on Monday by making porridge and observing how the dry ingredients mixed with the liquid.


After that, we carefully heated up the ingredients on the hob.  We had to keep stirring otherwise the porridge would stick to the bottom of the pan.

We noticed that, as it cooked, the porridge became thicker – the material changed.

Finally – the best bit… we ate the porridge.  Here we are, asking for more!

Next, we made some playdough and added food colouring. We had to knead it to make it smoother.

Finally, we looked at some rubbish. We had to decide what the item was made of first: metal, glass, fabric, paper, card, plastic or any other material.  We felt the item and talked about whether it was smooth, rough, hard, soft, flexible or rigid, transparent, translucent or opaque.  That helped us decide what it was made of.

We then sorted all kinds of materials that we can recycle.


Green Screen

As scientists, we have been learning about plants and as writers we have learned about non-chronological reports. Once we completed all of our information we practised in groups to talk about some facts about Daffodils. We used a green screen so we could project the Daffodils in the background. We decided that we could improve our volume when we talk however we all felt proud of our effort.

IMG_3917 IMG_3913 IMG_3915 IMG_3916

Plant Experts

As scientists, we have been learning about plants.

To launch our topic we invited a landscape gardener and a florist into school to tell us all about their work. It was really interesting and made us think of all sorts of questions about plants.

Here is Rachel the landscape gardener talking to us about different plants and why she loves her work.

Jackie also came to talk to us about what it is like to be a florist.  She brought in all kinds of flowers and foliage, including eucalyptus leaves which smelled wonderful.

So far it has been a very exciting topic because we have planted all sorts of seeds and watched them grow. Scientists often predict what they think will happen in an experiment.  We predicted what we thought the bulbs would grow into.

We will post again when they have grown some more and we can identify them easily.

We planted some cress seeds which grew very quickly.

They were also rather stinky!  We found a new use for old tights…grass heads.

It was fun to plant seeds in the tights and then stuff them with cotton wool.  We are watering them a lot so that they grow ‘hair’ then we will add some facial features.


Master Mathematicans

This term we have been grouping objects into twos:

We have also learnt how to use the times tables sign.

After grouping, we did some repeated addition, multiplication and showed how many groups or lots we had in our amount.

We use the greater than sign (>) in lots of different ways.  Here we are saying how much greater a number is than another number.

New Spring Term

Back to it after a long holiday. This term we will be learning about Plants. Looking forward to a new start and exciting times ahead.

Year 1: Keep practising addition and subtraction on Numbots.

Year 2: Keep going with your tables on TTRockstars. Who is going to be the top of the league table?

How to stay safe online

We have been learning about e-safety. We watched a film about children learning to play a game online safely and fairly.

Read this poster and you too will know how to be safe on the internet.

Here is a link to the film that we watched: